Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to understand and appreciate the value of a quality window tint. Window tint offers a number of benefits to the property owner, contributing to energy savings, more stable home temperatures, and the increased longevity of furniture, carpeting, and wood exposed to sunlight. With so many people taking interest in window tinting, manufacturers and installation experts have been enjoying a steady increase in business, and the industry’s vibrancy has encouraged a number of new faces to open up shop to take part. Aside from the Window Genie tinting experts, there are many window tint installers in business today. Some customers may feel overwhelmed by the variety they have to choose from, or be unfamiliar with how best to distinguish the good from the bad. No matter how good your materials may be, finding a qualified installer is one of the most important steps needed for a high-quality tint job. We at Window Genie are committed to customer satisfaction, and would like to offer some industry-insider advice on the matter. Read on to learn four important considerations that you may want to make when seeking a professional window tinting installation service provider.

1.      How long have they been active in the area? What other locations do they have?

One surefire way to identify a quality tint installation is to locate a business that has been thriving in a certain location for a number of years despite the presence of quality competition. A tint installer of the requisite quality will have been able to sustain their business amongst stiff competition because of their provision of high-quality service at affordable prices. Window Genie experts have had over 20 years of high-level experience in the tint installation industry, and represent an ideal service provider in this scenario. Pricing should be a secondary concern over the quality of service provided, though you certainly shouldn’t settle when you feel you are being overcharged. Still, the message here is that you should not dismiss a window tint installation expert if they are priced slightly higher than newer competitors. Weigh the company’s history against their pricing to learn the true value of the service. Furthermore, companies that have been around longer will probably still be in business in a few years should you ever need to follow up on the warranties.

It is also very important to get an idea of how many other locations exist under the same name. By trusting a larger national or even global brand with multiple locations, you eliminate the risk of having to deal with a fly-by-night operator or other low-quality service provider. Window Genie has locations across America, and an archive of position reviews that you can access online to diminish any doubts.

2.      What kinds of different products do they use? Do they offer a warranty?

Industry-leading tint installers will typically deal with a number of different window tint suppliers, and will therefore be working with a full range of products and films. A quality tint installer will have access to a number of different films in a variety of colors and styles. If the service provider is pushing one or two particular kinds of film, it is likely that they are trying to unload old, cheap, or defective stock onto you, or are a new and inexperienced company.

When inquiring about warranties, be polite but press firmly until you have a complete understanding of all of the terms and conditions. Window Genie offers a lifetime warranty on residential installations and a 10-year warranty on commercial installations, protecting against bubbling, delaminating, peeling, or any instances of cracking. A quality tint installer will offer you a warranty, and those who don’t are indicating that they have low confidence in their work and ability.

3.      Are there samples of their work available to me?

A great salesperson is capable of talking a customer into almost anything. Don’t let the company’s pitch sell you on their service. Instead, inquire about where you can find some samples, reviews, or testimonials from satisfied customers. A company with a number of years in business despite stiff competition, a wide array of products offered, a strong warranty, and a number of thriving locations will undoubtedly have access to some samples, testimonials, or reviews. Good service gets people talking, and no buzz means there’s nothing to buzz about!

Window Genie passes the test.

Window Genie is a nationally-ranked service provider, with decades of experience and an archive of glowing testimonials. If you are concerned about the reputation of your current window tint, pressure washing, or gutter cleaning service provider, visit the Window Genie website today to acquire a quote! 


Over the years, window tinting has been perceived in pop culture and by the general public as a purely aesthetic feature that offers little to buyer beyond style points. Window tints are commonly thought of in conjunction only with cars, and have developed an association with Mafioso members, high-security escorts, and prolific emcees. Many would be surprised to learn that window tint film also has a place in residential and commercial buildings, and that it provides a number of important practical benefits to the user. Most modern residential homes features more glass paneling than ever, with home-buyers falling in love with the notion of warm, sun-filled rooms and sparkling seasonal frontage. Window tint offer a number of worthwhile benefits to home-owners. Read on to learn 7 important benefits of home window tinting!

1.      Increase your energy savings. Tinting your windows can be much more about substance than style. One of the most important and talked-about benefits of window tinting is its potential to noticeably lower your energy bill. When treated to a high-quality professional tint, windows will bleed out less heat and AC. This means that heat will be conserved through the winter, and repelled during the summer, giving your HVAC systems a rest and saving you money on fuel and electricity costs. Without ever needing to commit to an expensive and time-consuming window replacement process, you can increase both your energy savings and comfort in windowed rooms.

2.      Safeguard your precious furniture. Finding the right piece of furniture that complements the size and style of your home can be a difficult process. Excessive sun exposure can fade and damage your precious furniture findings, but window tinting can help! You can save your favorite furniture without needing to be the only house on the block that insists on keeping the curtains tightly closed. Window film offers UV protection that will minimize the fading damage doled out by the sun's rays. This means that your carpets, rugs, artwork, wood flooring, and furniture pieces will all be granted a life extension. Tinting allows you to keep your interior decor in shape while still being able to enjoy the sun's rays. 

3.      Guard against the sun's damaging UV rays. It is quite rare to see a family applying sun lotion for a day spent in their home's sun room. Most families are lucky enough to remember to apply sun protection when spending a day at the beach! As laughable as the notion of requiring indoor sun protection may seem, it is actually a reality. The sun's harmful UV rays can still affect people inside their homes. Fortunately, most window film products reduce harmful UV rays by over 90%, enabling families across the world to enjoy the warmth and vitamin D of the sun's rays without any of the worry. 

4.      Minimize damages during window breaks. Whether in a residential or commercial building, window panes are always seemingly at risk of breaking under the force of an errant softball. Window tinting adds an extra layer of protection so that your building windows break in a fashion similar to that seen with car windows. This film eliminates the risk of shattering, preventing cutting glass shards from spraying into the home and potentially injuring family members. Window film also strengthens glass panes in general, minimizing the risks of breaks even in the event of violent storms or attempted vandalism.

5.      Eliminate bothersome glare. Most people enjoy the feel and aesthetic of sunlight pooling in their living spaces, but too much sun can cause disruptive glare, hampering recreational television watching and lowering office productivity. Window film eliminates this troublesome glare, giving the resident the best of both worlds with a warm, bright interior that is free of distracting reflections. 

6.      Increase your privacy. Window film really does provide the home owner the best of both worlds. Window tint will still let beautiful light into your home, while obscuring your home's interior to sidewalk audiences. This makes window tinting an excellent choice for rooms requiring extra privacy, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and offices that happen to face the street. 

7.      Give your home a decorative edge. As mentioned earlier, window tinting is commonly thought of as a stylistic feature. Though window tint is more a matter of substance than style, they do still offer a way of adding a nice aesthetic touch to a building. Decorative window films are usually offered, featuring mural designed or picturesque stock views, while more subtle darkened tints can be used to imitate the look of high-end window panes. The ease of application and removal means that changing the look or upping the curb appeal of your home is as simple as possible.

Upon reviewing these seven points, it is clear that window tinting services offer a number of benefits to the customer beyond appearance alone. Window Genie experts are standing by to give your family access to these great window tint perks, so visit our website today to learn more!

Window Genie is excited to share that we welcomed THREE new franchise owners and their teams this month. Look out Cape May, Myrtle Beach and Fresno… we’re coming for you!

As we continue to add team members we remain committed to our growth strategy which is: We AWARD franchises, we don’t sell them.

The approach we take when working with potential business is owner is a kind of “self control” when it comes to actually bringing on new locations.  Just because someone can afford to purchase a Window Genie franchise or has the desire to own their own business, it doesn’t necessarily mean we feel they fit the system and will be successful with us. This is the essential difference between awarding a franchise and selling one. Our Founder and CEO, Rik Nonelle said it best:  “Our strategy for growth, simple enough, is to turn away the people who do not fit our culture. That sounds too easy but believe me it is not easy. It is very tough when you see a check all ready for you and the person is very eager and qualified financially, to turn that person away.  But I have learned that one person who is not a cultural fit can just rock the entire boat. We have something like a 98% approval rating from our franchisees and that’s not an easy thing to achieve. We achieve it by keeping those who really feel are not a fit,  for whatever reasons, out.”

This is because we are not in the business of simply adding bodies to our system as fast as possible for the sole purpose of collecting royalties and franchise fees. Window Genie has spent 20 years building a very team-oriented culture that focuses on maintaining a cohesive, cooperative relationship between ALL members of Team Genie. Our owners work with the corporate support staff as well as with one another for the betterment of the system; it’s a Window Genie family. We know that if we weren’t selective… we would be setting ourselves up for a TOXIC environment where long-term growth and success would be difficult to achieve. We are FIRM believers in quality over quantity. A team of franchise partners who mesh well, work as a team and are committed to the overall well-being and improvement of the Window Genie brand is SO important to us.

With that being said… These 3 new owners are QUALITY people that we thoroughly screened and evaluated. We are so excited to have these teams on board, know they’re set up for success and can’t wait to see what they’re made of this fall.


Paul Guglielmi – Cape May, NJ

Before opening his Window Genie franchise, Paul spent over 30 years in corporate America in sales and sales management for a few personal protective equipment companies. “I learned a lot and enjoyed it for many years,” he said. “But my job became increasingly more difficult after losing members of my team because of the economic downturn a few years ago. I knew it was time for a change and began planning my exit strategy.” In the midst of deciding what his next move would be; Paul’s position was eliminated. “Be careful what you wish for,” he said. “I planned to leave in early 2015 anyway, but ultimately the layoff was a blessing since it got me on my path towards business ownership sooner.”

Paul looks forward to helping improve the look and value of homes and small businesses in his community. He said, “I’m excited to get out there and start building relationships with customers. We offer so many different, necessary services that there’s definitely something for every home and budget. My wife JoAnn and I are involved in a lot of community service efforts and I look forward to getting the business involved in giving back to the community as well.”

Check out Window Genie of South Jersey highlighted in their local news – the Press of Atlantic City


Paul Guglielmi with his wife JoAnn


Tom Washer – Myrtle Beach, SC

Prior to Window Genie business ownership, Tom Washer spent 4 years in the Air Force before a career in sales management for a variety of industries. Working in sales brought him all over the country from Texas to New Mexico to Connecticut to Massachusetts. Tom and his wife Cheryl decided to relocate to Myrtle Beach to open their business because it’s where much of their family now lives. Washer said, “We’re very family oriented and wanted to find an opportunity to move down here. Long-term security along with my vast knowledge of sales and personal service has motivated me to start a business.”

Tom’s wife Cheryl Waterhouse will help run the business, providing administrative and customer support. “We are excited to finally get out there in the community together and meet our customers,” Washer said. “We are motivated to build a strong reputation in the community resulting in a loyal, repeat customer base.”

Check out Window Genie of Myrtle Beach featured in their local news – WMBFnews


Tom Washer


Greg & Jordan Pyles – Fresno, CA

Before he and Jordan purchased their Window Genie franchise, Greg worked for 30 years in the IT and software development industry, most recently for a trade journal in the music industry. Many years before that, he owned a carpet cleaning business. At 24 years old, Jordan has quickly worked his way up at a local fast food restaurant, most recently serving as General Manager.

Greg’s role will be to focus on building a customer base through networking, community outreach and social media. He said, “I want to be out in the field doing quotes at customers’ homes and educating them on who we are. It’s important to leave a great first impressions on customers and establish genuine relationships if we want to build a loyal, repeat customer base.” Jordan will apply his management skills by focusing on the operations side of the business; managing the field technicians and maintaining equipment and tools to ensure efficiency and quality.

The father/son duo is excited to open for business. Jordan said, “We’re very family oriented so it’s exciting to build something with my dad that will impact both our futures. Also, I have three kids and am looking forward to the work/life balance Window Genie has seemed to provide for other franchise owners.”

Check out Window Genie of Fresno featured in their local news - The Fresno Bee

Jordan Pyles (left) Greg Pyles (right)

By: Rhonda Sanderson, Sanderson & Associates

Both of these Carlsons score goals: One with the Washington Capitals and one with Window Genie

 When Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson scored the first goal for Team USA at the 2014 Sochi Olympics this February, he did so with a blazing slap shot. As proud father Richard Carlson looked on, he knew that scoring goals had truly become a family affair.

Though the arena in which the elder Carlson works lacks the manicured ice, vocal beer vendors, and rowdy fans that populate John’s workplace, his game is one that nevertheless requires the tenacity and drive of a hockey player.

When the former corporate healthcare worker was laid off due to restructuring and budget reductions, Carlson took time to reflect and weigh his options. He had, after all, many of them. With almost ten years of experience in health care, Carlson could have rejoined the system in which he had for so long achieved success. Yet it became apparent to Carlson that it was time to do some restructuring of his own and play a different kind of game.

Ultimately, Carlson decided that it was time to realize a dream he had long held. “I always wanted my own business, so I was determined to see the loss of my job not as a setback, but as an opportunity,” says Carlson. After a thorough search for franchises which met his demands, Carlson came upon Window Genie. “I gravitated towards franchising so I didn’t have to start with a blank page,” Carlson explains. “I looked for a business that was service-related and straightforward. After years of dealing with the complicated rules and regulations in healthcare, I wanted simplicity. Window Genie was the answer.”

In July, 2013, Richard opened a Window Genie location serving Ocean County and Southern Monmouth County in New Jersey and he hasn’t looked back since.

Window Genie is a mobile cleaning services company focused primarily on its “big three” services: window cleaning, window tinting and pressure washing. The company also offers, among many other services, dryer vent cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, chandelier cleaning and gutter cleaning and re-securing. Window Genie services residential customers, small offices and commercial spaces.

As is the case with any NHL team’s arduous 82-game season, Carlson faced challenges as his business grew. Yet just as any good hockey team perseveres from those challenges thanks to veteran teammates providing assistance, Window Genie was able to help Carlson block all the shots he faced. “I needed to learn how to market and advertise,” says Carlson. “Management, hiring, those were things I had experience with, but I had to learn not just how to perform the excellent services we offer, but how to make this business an extension of myself. Window Genie was able to help me with those issues and get the word out about all that we could do.”

Carlson’s primary clients are residential, either dual-income home owners who have neither the time nor the desire to maintain the exterior of their homes, or retirees who are unable to maintain their homes by themselves any longer. Carlson’s Window Genie business has been very well-received by his community. His phone, he says, is ringing constantly and his services are well known throughout the territory he serves.

“In today’s corporate environment people like me are forced out of their jobs quite frequently,” says Carlson. “I decided to take control of my career, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.” For Carlson, repeat business is the driving force that inspires his work at Window Genie. “Every day we’re committed to providing quality services at reasonable prices so we become customers’ preferred home services provider.”

Any time we’re recognized by a major publication for something we’re very proud of… of course we want to shout it from the rooftops! This instance is particularly exciting because we were featured in both a major national  AND local (Cincinnati, Ohio) publication this month… Money Magazine and the Cincinnati Enquirer!

Click photo to see full article

We were referred to Money Magazine by the CEO of Franchise Business Review, Eric Stites. After conducting their annual franchisee satisfaction survey, he found that once again Window Genie ranked exceptionally well when it came to having happy franchise owners. Money Magazine put out an article called, “13 Things to Do with $100,000 Now,” and purchasing a Window Genie franchise made the list. Window Genie’s minimum investment is$89,000 – widely considered a very low investment for a business with such potential for growth. There are a few reasons for this: You can run the business from home! This creates low overhead costs like renting an office space + utilities. Also, our owners carry an extremely low inventory of products, tools and supplies. Plus, the cost to acquire a customer feels like nothing in the long-run. While it costs money to market to new customers, Window Genie’s success is built on establishing relationships with long-term, loyal customers who have Window Genie back a few times a year to perform different services on a repeat basis. With a number of various affordable services, Window Genie has something for every home at every budget!

Then we see on that we’ve been featured among 38 other Cincinnati based businesses for the incredible honor of making INC Magazine’s INC 5000 list for 2014. This list acknowledges the 5000 fastest growing companies in the nation; and we made it! As if making INC’s list wasn’t enough, Cincinnati Enquirer recognizing this accomplishment was certainly the cherry on top. Window Genie’s corporate team is proud to still be working and growing in Cincinnati where it all started 20 years ago. We believe we’re in good company among other local businesses representing the Queen City as a city of tremendous potential and growth for business.


As we celebrate recent accomplishments, we also like to reflect on the history of Window Genie and how far we’ve come. Recently we were nominated for a Small Business Influencer Award under the category: Growth Story.  To vote for Window Genie, simply follow that link and click VOTE! A quick history: In 1994 Rik Nonelle started Window Genie as a small, local window cleaning business in Cincinnati Ohio. He was a 29 year old Ohio State grad who was already tired of “working for the man.” From the get-go he developed a business model with franchising in mind; he wanted to create an opportunity that was easily duplicated and would translate well into other markets. Rik’s goal was for entrepreneurs everywhere to be able to build a business that was simple, scalable and allowed for a significantly better work-life balance than your typical 9-5 job. 20 years later, Window Genie has evolved into a nationally ranked franchise operating with over 75 franchise partners in 22 states. Nonelle remains incredibly hands-on as Window Genie’s leader and has developed a company culture that celebrates and empowers each individual franchise as an active small business within the particular community it serves.

Window Genie's oftentimes a family business... we have a number of husband/wife duos, kids working for their parents in the office or out cleaning windows... but for the first time ever we have a father/son duo where the son's the boss! Charlie Caravello, 37 purchased a Window Genie franchise earlier this summer and hired his dad Chuck, 65 as his first employee. Starting a business can be scary. Having his father on his side, supporting his decision and being there while he ramps up has given Charlie the extra support most small business owners wish they had.

Before joining the Window Genie team, Caravello spent approximately 15 years in medical sales calling directly on hospitals. "In any sales career you go through peaks and valleys. For the last few years, every time I dipped into a valley I felt I wasn't in control of my success so I would consider looking into business ownership. I never got completely serious about it until this past winter because I think ultimately, I wasn't ready mentally or financially until now," Caravello said. "I did my homework and landed on a few service oriented, low investment companies to evaluate. Window Genie caught my eye when I noticed it was ranked on Franchise Business Review's list of top franchises for franchise owner satisfaction."

Caravello reached out to Window Genie and began a validation process, speaking with the corporate support staff as well as current Window Genie franchisees. "I just felt like 'wow these guys have their act together' when speaking to everyone at Window Genie throughout my process; you could feel the professionalism was consistent and trickled down to the whole system. Because I had been doing research on business ownership for the last few years I felt I had a grasp on what I wanted and did not want out of a franchising opportunity, and I never saw a red flag with Window Genie. It got to a point where I'd wake up every day more excited with my to-do list for Window Genie than my current job. I knew I'd found something that would keep me motivated, excited and therefore successful every day."

Caravello's first employee is his own father, Chuck Caravello. "My parents were both incredibly supportive when I went to them for advice on purchasing a franchise. There's always a fear or anxiety when taking a chance like opening a business, but having my father on board definitely helps. I know that off the bat I have an employee I completely trust, he'll be great with customers and down the road when he's sick of cleaning windows he'll know the business as well as I and can help me in the office and with training future employees." The Caravellos are excited. Charlie said, "I'm most excited to just get out there, be able to monitor my own results, take responsibility for my success and continue to build the business. I know I'll be wearing many hats but for someone who gets bored with a one dimensional job, that's exactly what I want. I know I've found what I was looking for in Window Genie."


Team Louisville was recently featured in Franchise Times: click here for the full article


Charlie Caravello’s biggest challenge of being his dad’s boss is adjusting to the “role
reversal.” After all, Charlie spent his entire life looking up to his father and learning and taking advice from him.

The son hired dad, Chuck, as his first technician at a Window Genie franchise he bought with his own money in Louisville for about $125,000. Caravello is 37 and his father is 65. Chuck came out of retirement because of the unique opportunity to help his son in his new business venture.

Many reasons make Caravello feel fortunate to work with his father at the franchise he opened in May 2014: He’s reliable, trustworthy, supportive and capable of helping run the office if needed to do so. Still, Caravello admits, “it will take some getting used to” telling his father what to do.


Do you trust your home service provider? The cleaning crew, landscapers, painters, re-modelers, nannys... why, or why not?

When hiring an individual or team to come perform a service or task at your home... you may find yourself concerned with a number of scenarios. What if they steal something? What if they break something? How do I know they won't harm my family, pets or valuables? If they get hurt while working on my house... am I liable?

We at Window Genie completely understand the discomfort many people feel when letting strangers into their home to perform a service. There are quite a few things we do to stand out professionally to let our customers know that we're sending trained, bonded, insured, trustworthy technicians to their homes... still, we're faced with the hard truth that until a customer has you back a few more times, they're going to worry. 

We urge all customers to do their homework before hiring any service provider. Customer review sites such as Angie's List allow you to read real reviews from people in your community. It's important to know what to expect when hiring someone to do work in or around your home. Are they bonded & insured? Do they run background checks on their employees? Do they have a reputation for good or bad customer service? When it comes to hiring home service providers... you'll want to weigh the pros and cons aside from who offers the best price in your area.

Window Genie's field technicians undergo background checks, wear photo ID badges and show up in uniform while driving a distinctly wrapped Geniemobile truck to assure customers that when they answer the door... they're letting in a trained, insured Window Genie employee. Many times, your local Genie will email you photos of their team along with your appointment reminder! Our goal is to leave your home a happier, cleaner place than it was when we arrived.

This post was inspired by a recent comment left by one of our customers on a satisfaction survey. While we're extremely happy this customer enjoyed having Window Genie at his house, and we're not surprised that our service technicians are professional and honest... it did remind us that most homeowners remain wary of service providers. It's unfortunate that customers are generally surprised that a service provider such as window cleaners could come by a large amount of money in a home and leave it untouched. We do genuinely appreciate that this customer noticed and acknowledged our professionalism and reached out to his local franchise about it. We take all feedback very seriously and try to use it as best we can to improve our daily customer service. This local franchisee was able to reward his technicians and re-enforce the importance of honesty while in a customer's home... so thank you James from Indianapolis!

So we have to ask... what does it take for you to trust a "stranger" that you invite into your home? What specifically do you look for when hiring help around the house? In an industry highly dependent on reputation, customer referrals and good word of mouth, we're always doing our best to improve every aspect of the customer experience to ensure we're invited back time and time again.




Recently Window Genie sponsored Pink Ribbon Girls' annual event, IGNITE THE FIGHT.


With a number of other community sponsors, local supporters and PRG members, we gathered at the American Sign Museum on the west side of Cincinnati for a night of celebration with the Pink Ribbon Girls. Pink Ribbon Girls is Window Genie Corporate's favorite local organization to support. Their mission is "to provide personalized support to young women throughout all phases of the breast cancer journey. We accomplish this through education, outreach, awareness, and one-on-one support to women and their families."

Pink Ribbon Girls offers transportation to treatment, house cleaning services, meal delivery services, child care as well as organizing various educational and support group efforts in the community. Window Genie admires their dedication to every single day in the life of a woman and her family as they battle breast cancer. We all know how important research and treatment is, but Pink Ribbon Girls focuses on quality of life, reducing stress and allows women and their families to focus on just getting better. Through their various programs such as "No Age No Stage" and "Simply Fight," PRG was able to provide 10,250 meals, 2,200 house cleanings and 210 rides to treatment in 2013 in Cincinnati and Datyon.

Not only is The American Sign Museum a ridiculously fun venue to hold an event, the food was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Food was provided by PRG's very own chef Matt Hayden who provides nutrient dense meals for women to help their bodies maintain maximum strength and health while undergoing treatment.The bar at the event offered pink beer and pink "tata-tinis" that weren't bad either! Oh and the entrance to The American Sign Museum has a GIANT GENIE! 


We had a blast, we ate, we danced and most importantly got to hear stories from survivors and families who've lost a mother, daughter, wife, sister or friend. More than ever we're motivated to support Pink Ribbon Girls and all they do to enhance quality of life during an immensely difficult time for women and their families in Cincinnati and Dayton.



There’s a lot to look forward to when starting a business; you’re building something for your future that’s ALL YOURS… and now you are your own boss in control of your own success… but all good things must come to an end eventually, right? Opening a business is exciting, fun and rewarding… and it goes without saying that most people don’t go into it thinking about an exit strategy. Why would they?  Window Genie is never happy to see an owner go, but it happens!

Fortunately for our franchise owners, the sky is the limit. Many of them have been with us for over 10 years and show no signs of slowing down. Down the road when an owner is ready to retire or move on for personal reasons, they’ll find themselves with a lot of questions. It’s difficult to just close the doors and walk away… after all they did spend a number of years building something they’re very proud of!

Do I sell the business? Who would I sell it to? Is the brand I built being put in the right hands? Will my loyal customers be taken care of? What about my current staff?


We’re here to share an example of one Window Genie franchise partner’s recent retirement, and hopefully paint a picture that answers these common questions.

Early in spring of 2014, Gary Eenigenburg purchased the Window Genie of Tinley Park (SW Chicago) franchise from Bill Grogan.  Bill’s location in Tinley Park has been in operation for 11 years. Gary himself has owned & operated his own Window Genie franchise just across the border to Indiana in St. John for over 6 years. Gary said, “Bill knew he was ready to sell his business and move on to retirement but was very careful about putting it in the right hands. I’m glad he trusted me to continue serving the clients he worked so hard to satisfy over the years.”

Gary plans to promote one of the lead technicians at the Tinley Park location to be in a managerial position and help run that office. “I’m happy to say I’m going to retain his current employees, some who have been with Window Genie for over 5 years. I want to continue to deliver on the expectations and needs of the customers that have been so loyal to Bill over the years. The timing couldn’t be better; we’re going to take advantage of the busy spring cleaning season to make ourselves known in the community and let everyone know that just because their Window Genie is ‘under new management’ it doesn’t mean quality will be sacrificed.”

Bill is happy with his decision to “keep it in the Window Genie family” and can’t wait to see what Gary and his team are made of this spring cleaning season.

Gary said, “I feel like a Window Genie veteran at this point, I have a good number of years under my belt. I’ve grown and improved alongside the system itself, I know the corporate team’s efforts to continue growing and improving definitely helps us guys who’ve been with the company a long time. I’m ready to put my experience to the test; Bill treated his customers well and gained their loyalty so I know there is a lot to live up to… but we’re excited to prove ourselves!”

Visit Gary’s new profile page and facebook page for more information on Window Genie of Tinley Park!


Using Windows and Doors to Make Your Home More Secure


Guest Blogger Theo Schmidt is back to offer some simple tips and tricks to making your home more safe and secure. Window Genie offers an extensive selection of privacy and security films to increase safety in any home or office. When selecting a lock, film, alarm or any other variety of security measure... always do your research and find what works best for your home or office's needs. The more you know, the safer you are!


What many homeowners do not realize is that many home intruders are able to just walk right into your home through your front door. There is almost no struggle at all to break into a home through an insecure window or unlocked door. Luckily there are a few things that homeowners can do to secure their homes through improving their windows and doors.

Selecting a Lock

If you’ve ever tried shopping for a lock, you know how many options there are out there. There are different brands and grades that all offer different levels of security. It can be difficult to know exactly what you’ll need. An expensive lock may offer more security but the cost could be double or triple that of a less expensive brand.

One thing is for certain; a cheap lock will definitely compromise your security. Cheaper locks are easier for burglars to manipulate because these locks often have a less unique key locking system. This makes your home more vulnerable to break-ins.

There are a few specifications that your front door lock should meet:

·         For deadbolts, the bolt should go one inch into the door frame.

·         The lock should be a grade one.

·         Make sure your door jamb is reinforced to match the security of your lock.

Don’t be afraid that a bulky lock will take away from the look of your custom doors. There are a number of companies that offer great selections of stylish locks that will actually add a great accent to your front door.


Security Film

One simple solution for making your windows more secure is purchasing security film to cover them. This film is often used in vehicles and business’s windows to keep them from shattering in the event of a crash or natural disaster. However, these films also work great in your home to protect you against break-ins.

When a security film is properly applied it can prevent burglars from breaking into your home by shattering a window or other glass pane. The film keeps the glass shards together instead of letting the window break and scatter. When these films are correctly or professionally installed, they do not show at all. Additionally, these films can come in different colors and tints so they will give your windows an extra accent look if you’re interested.



Extra Tips and Tricks

If your front door has glass panes in it, the panes should be at least forty inches away from the door knob. This will prevent burglars from breaking the glass and then reaching in to open the door.

Another trick to keeping your windows safer is putting a six inch dowel in your window so that it cannot be opened up more than six inches. Window locks are more difficult to secure than door locks, so they are easier to break into. However, by keeping the window from opening up enough you can prevent burglars from getting in that way.

There are additional tricks to securing your windows and more secure:

·         Install window break alarms that will notify you if a window is broken.

·         Move valuables so they cannot be seen through windows.

·         Purchase newer windows since older ones tend to pop out of their tracks easier.

·         Secure air conditioning units in windows.


Your home may not be as secure as you’d like, but there are small and simple things you can do to improve the security. Start with your windows and doors to prevent those easy break-ins. With some easy steps you’ll be sleeping sounder knowing that you’ve decreased the risk of a burglary.


Author Byline:

Theo Schmidt is a freelance blogger who enjoys spending time in the outdoors, and is passionate about protecting the environment.