The popularity of window film in both residential and business properties across America has sky-rocketed in recent years. Home and business owners alike are taking notice of the style, safety and energy-efficiency benefits offered by window film installations and Window Genie franchises across the country are being swarmed by customers requesting quotes. If you are considering a window film for your home or business, but aren't sure how to factor it into your current budget, then read on to learn about the cost of home window tints. You may be pleasantly surprised.


Seeking a quote.


The first step you should take when looking to incorporate a window tint installation into your budget is to request a free quote from Window Genie. There is no universal installation price, because there is no universal home layout, and your price will vary depending on the size, accessibility and number of windows in your home or business. Furthermore, pricing may vary depending on the kind of tint you desire, with decorative films being priced differently than conventional tinting. Thus, the best thing a home or business owner can do is to request a free quote. This is done very easily online. Simply follow this link, and input your relevant home information, making sure to specify the services you would like to schedule. Options for window cleaning, tinting, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning are displayed, and you can select one or all of these with the click of your mouse.


Evaluate the situation – can I do this myself?


Many proud DIYers have been guilty of underestimating the skill and expertise involved in a window film installation. The reality of the job is a tricky one. For one, the quality of store-bought window film that is available to the general public will never meet the quality of film available through professional installers. Most home-owners are ignorant to the variety of types of window film, what benefits they provide and what their particular home really needs. Also, you will need to give yourself the best possible working conditions, cleaning and scraping your windows down to provide a perfect surface. You will also need to account for weather conditions, as extreme temperature can interfere with the installation process. Once prepped, you will need to wet your windows with a special solution that requires a balanced ratio of chemicals. Before you can tackle any of this tiresome preparation, though, you will need to research, track down, measure, and order your window film, making sure to request the proper fit. Once you have assembled your materials and prepped your window, the real problems start. Window film is notoriously difficult to handle, with creases and folds forming easily, leaving home and business owners frustrated, dissatisfied, and with a little less money in their pockets at the end of their long day.


The reality is that the costs home and business owners hope to save by doing the job themselves are often not worth the effort. Window Genie provides a guaranteed high-quality window film installation, and takes the hassle out of your life by circumventing the research and ordering process entirely. By contrast, many DIYers will find themselves having to buy extra materials after making first-timer mistakes, or being unable to buy in small quantities. The self-service job will probably be of poorer quality, which means it will last a much shorter amount of time, and provide less energy-saving efficiency for your home as heat and cold invade the creases and folds you left behind. Ultimately, installing film on your own is not worth it because professionally installed, high-quality window film DOES pay for itself over time through reducing utility bills.


Profit from a professional window film installation.


Investing in a Window Genie film installation means a  job well done, and that home and business owners can fully enjoy the benefits of their tint. The costs you may need to invest up front with your Window Genie installation will quickly pay themselves back, and even earn you money over the long run. Consider that Window Genie installations offer the homeowner an 80% reduction in solar energy, much lower utility bills, an end to hot and cold spots in the home and up to 99.9% UV protection for expensive furniture and precious family members alike. The value of a job well done is obvious to see. Contact Window Genie today to learn how much your window tint will cost, and have all of your window film wishes granted today!


Gutter cleaning is one of the least desirable chores that can be doled in the family rotation. There is a reason we have a bad association with gutter-balls in bowling, and avoid feeling "down in the gutters;" gutters are inherently dirty, filled with decaying leaves and pest-debris and are a nightmare to clean. A day spent cleaning the gutters is sure to be filled with labor-intensive ladder-shuffling, a near-slip or two and enough grime to keep you wrist-deep in filth for hours. As unpleasant as the job may be, somebody's got to do it – after all, neglecting your gutters puts your home at risk of basement flooding, cracked foundations, increased insect breeding, and rotten wooden decks or siding.


Many homeowners have recognized the value of professional gutter cleaning. A small investment in Window Genie gutter cleaning means a fast clean that is guaranteed to keep their home in good condition without costing them a day of back-breaking labor and frustration. With professional gutter cleaning surging in demand, a number of new businesses have sprung up looking to take advantage of this trend. Homeowners should proceed with caution, and take steps to ensure that they are getting the best possible service. Before committing your capital to a professional gutter cleaning service, the following factors should be considered:


Is this company licensed and insured?


Whether or not your chosen company has acquired the proper license and insurance to handle gutter cleaning work is one of the most important factors to consider when looking to hire on help. Holding these forms of documentation ensures that your chosen company has been trained and certified in the service you are paying them for and that they are able to perform at a high industry standard. Some states even require home improvement licensing along with general liability insurances and business licensing. Without these documents in place, illegitimate companies can put you at risk in the event of any injuries that may occur while cleaning your gutters. The last thing you want when trying to save yourself the trouble of a gutter clean is to take on bigger problems when your unlicensed cleaner hurts himself and tries to sue you to cover their medical bills.


Window Genie has been providing quality gutter cleaning for over 20 years. Window Genie gutter cleaning crews carry all of the required licenses and documentation at all times. This gives customers peace of mind so that they can be stress-free in knowing that their guaranteed clean is also guaranteed to be problem-free. Window Genie crews will gladly display any information about licensing and liability insurance coverage to customers who request to see this documentation.

Does this company have the training, experience and equipment they need to do the job right?

Gutter cleaning may not require a large assortment of equipment, but it does require the proper equipment. Make sure the company you choose has two-story stand-off ladders, industry-appropriate cleaning materials and safety equipment that is up to code at the bare minimum. This will ensure a proper clean and that no liability issues will arise during the course of your cleaning appointment. Take note of any company that offers pressure-washing or leaf-blower gutter cleanings and avoid these where possible. Window Genie offers pressure washing services, but restrict their use to tough stains set into fences, decks, and home siding; this equipment is not appropriate for gutter cleaning and can damage your home.

Window Genie experts arrive at the scene with their Genie Mobiles fully-equipped with the appropriate equipment. More importantly, they come equipped with decades of knowledge and experience. Gutters are unique, having been designed to custom-fit your home, and it takes a skilled worker to navigate these ever-changing conditions. Inexperienced companies may struggle with corners, long slopes, and unique architectural downspouts. Window Genie experts guarantee a safe, fast and efficient clean that will keep the environment safe and your gutters flowing freely.

In our 20-plus year tenure as industry-leading residential window and home-cleaning service providers, Window Genie experts have seen the benefits of commercial pressure washing on display time and time again. From mold and dirt-ridden decks to unreachable home siding, pressure washers have taken down some of the biggest messes in the smallest amount of time, and revitalized customers' homes across America. Many people have seen pressure washers in action or heard about their potency but have not yet invested in a professional clean. Many homeowners convince themselves that renting a washer and committing their weekend to a self-clean would be easier and cheaper; that is most definitely incorrect. Window Genie is one of the premiere pressure washing companies in the country, and would like to share with readers the top 5 benefits of hiring a professional pressure washing company.


Window Genie grants you access to the latest equipment.


Whether you dust off your old unit or rent one from the local rent-all shop, the chances are that whatever kind of pressure washer you can get your hands on will not be on par with that used by one of America's leading professional pressure washing companies. Window Genie is in a constant state of growth with a focus on continued improvement... and this means that equipment is continually updated. Constant updates are in the company's best interest as it keeps cleaning times down and customers happy. Put the Genie to work for you, don't make a tough job even tougher by trying to resurrect an old piece of equipment you’re not trained to use properly.


Window Genie experts can give you a clean without the collateral damage.


Pressure washers are powerful pieces of equipment that respond poorly to inexperienced handling. The art of pressure washing takes time to master. Too much pressure aimed poorly can completely ravage the surfaces of your deck, fence or home siding. When improperly used without the know-how of a commercial pressure washing company employee, you can actually strip away layers of your home, causing permanent damage and making it vulnerable to further weathering. Window Genie experts are highly-trained and fully familiar with their equipment and can strip mold, mildew, dirt, and debris from your home surfaces without causing any collateral damage in the process.


Window Genie experts guarantee a great clean.


Window Genie can clean your deck, fences, gutters, home siding, and more with a guarantee of great service. Window Genie experts are committed to customer satisfaction and will not leave until the job has been done up to their franchise standards. Customers investing in a Window Genie clean know that they are getting exactly what they paid for. By contrast, those paying for pressure washer rental fees are absorbing a cost without any assurance that their home will be cleaned properly while also incurring no damages.


Window Genie professional pressure washing keeps environmental damage to a minimum.


Pressure washing can be very wasteful and harmful to the immediate environment. Careless washing can drive toxins and pollutants into nearby water sources. With their up-to-date pressure washing equipment and skilled hands, Window Genie experts ensure that all of their pressure washing jobs leave no impact on the environment. Making use of equipment and techniques to capture run-off, and opting for more environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, Window Genie works under EPA regulations to keep the world as clean as your home siding.


Window Genie saves you time and energy.


Pressure washing is really not as simple as it seems when approached by someone lacking in experience and equipment. Indeed, Window Genie has been able to succeed as a leading power washing company because the service is in high demand as homeowners look for fast and easy solutions to their soiled siding situations. Window Genie brings over two decades of experience to the job alongside the most modern equipment and offers customers a guaranteed clean. Don't roll the dice with rental service equipment and first-timer's luck; call Window Genie to have your pressure washing wishes granted.



Today, many homes are being built with an emphasis on open-concept designs. This means open floor plans, high ceilings, and of course, a lot of glass window frontage. This style has boomed in popularity recently, and nowadays more contractors are accommodating customer requests for window-heavy homes as new construction methods allow for lower costs and ease of installation.


Before window tinting installation gained ground in the industry, the open and airy aesthetic offered by window-heavy frontage came at great cost to the homeowner. In exchange for a stylish home with a wonderful view, homeowners were forced to deal with energy inefficiency, glare, and harmful UV rays that could affect their family members' skin just as easily as it would fade furniture. Fortunately, advances in the window film industry now let homeowners have their cake and eat it to, as the old expression goes. For over 20 years, Window Genie experts have been offering a lot more to their customers than squeaky-clean windows. Window Genie window film installation has been a tremendously popular service, with its high-demand and customer satisfaction helping Window Genie secure its place in Entrepreneur magazine's Fastest-Growing Franchises rankings.


Despite the quality and cost-effectiveness of Window Genie window film installations, many fiercely independent homeowners opt to try their hand at their own home installation. Many Window Genie customers have shared their home-installation horror stories, recounting the unexpected difficulty of window film handling and setting. Here is what to expect if you insist on trying a home install on your own:


     Window film is very difficult to handle, and can be as much an art as it is a science. This very thin material creases and folds very easily, which spoils the application attempt. Furthermore, any dust or excessive dryness must be avoided during your install, and when it comes to single pane windows, the outdoor temperature must be appropriate, being no colder than 0°C.

    You will need to mix your own slip solution in order to apply the film properly, as it will not adhere properly to a dry window, or one that is improperly wetted with water alone. Your slip solution should contain an appropriate mix of water and washing solution, but the exact ratio cannot be universally prescribed, since potencies vary among name brands. Mixing an appropriate slip solution is very important, and is something that many would-be DIYers struggle to do correctly.

    You will need to clean your window thoroughly before you start your installation. This calls for more than a simple soapy scrub-down; you will need to take a window scraper to any paint or dirt-specks to ensure that the surface is smooth and clean. You will then need to give your window a traditional wash, and a professional-grade squeegee to finish. Your window film installation needs a strong foundation, which means a clean, smooth, and slip-sprayed surface.


It is plain to see why many homeowners struggle to achieve the window film installation they want when trying to handle it on their own. The preparation phase alone requires a great deal of practical knowledge and experience. Any missteps along the way can easily cause creases and folds which will ultimately ruin the look and longevity of your window film. The worst part is that window film installation mistakes are highly visible and cannot be tucked away in the same way that a DIY dry-walling job can be covered up.


Because of the difficult and high-stakes visibility of an installation, it is always in the homeowner's best interest to invest in a professional-grade window film installation, and Window Genie offers one of the best in the business. Window Genie has been cleaning and tinting windows for over 20 years and the public response to their high-quality work and commitment to customer care has spurred serious company growth. Window Genie lets home owners enjoy the modern, open-concept look of full window frontage without having to deal with the associated heat-loss and UV-exposure. Have your cake and eat it to – just call Window Genie today for the best window film installation around!

For many different reasons, most home owners do not bother cleaning their windows. There is never a shortage of chores when it comes to home maintenance, and window cleaning is often set aside for more pressing issues such as water leakage, if not simply lost in the shuffle of routine seasonal work like raking, shoveling, and gutter-cleaning. Many home owners feel overwhelmed by the endless to-do lists, and feel that there is simply not enough time to deal with cosmetic concerns and curb-appeal.


Some home owners are intimidated by window cleaning chores. This is an understandable concern. Most window cleaning jobs have some element of danger and risk-taking attached to them. Consider how many of your windows are located in relatively inaccessible spots, requiring you to brave heights, angles and stretches you may not be comfortable with as you reach for windows hanging multiples stories high.


Worst of all, some home owners avoid window cleaning simply because they assume it is too expensive. This is not the case. Window Genie experts are especially high-valued due to their customer loyalty discounts, 3-step cleaning processs, and Streak Free Guarantee. For those who are considering having a window clean to improve curb appeal, natural light penetration, and interior view, Window Genie experts have compiled a list of considerations to help you when seeking a window cleaning quote. Read on to learn about factors that affect window cleaning prices, and to learn how Window Genie provides their patrons will the best possible value.


How many windows would you like cleaned?


This question is more complex than it sounds, giving the customer a considerable amount of control and customization options. First, you must decide whether you would like your exterior, interior, or both cleaned. Opting for both effectively doubles the amount of window surface, and your price will be adjusted as a result. This option provides the best clean, but may not be for those on a strict budget. Window Genie experts are trained to navigate home interiors with the utmost care and are guaranteed to leave furnishing, floors and fixtures in the exact same condition that they were found in. Furthermore, Window Genie uses home-safe cleaning products that are alcohol and ammonia-free to ensure that your fabrics and floors are not subjected to any accidental spillage damage.


Also, what is the total number of windows in your home? Are they single or double windows, and do they have tansoms at the tops? Are they storm windows? Obviously, more cleaning effort and equipment will influence the final price of your window cleaning quote. To learn exactly how Window Genie experts count windows in the home, click here. If you’re still unclear, your local Window Genie representative will be happy to answer any questions you have over the phone.


How often would you like your windows cleaned?


Window cleaning prices are affected by the frequency of the service. Most customers opt for the quarterly cleaning plan to keep their window panes pristine, but if you are on a budget, bi-annual cleaning plans are also accommodated.


Why choose Window Genie?


Window Genie has some of the lowest window cleaning prices that you will find, and Window Genie services are packed with value. Window Genie uses a unique three-step cleaning process that adds an extra step for the sake of impressive cleans and customer satisfaction. First, Window Genie cleaners rub and scrub down the surface of your windows to release grease, grime, and airborne contaminants that build up over time. Next, they are washed and squeegeed clean to remove up to 99.9% of stainage. Finally, the windows and edges are wiped dry to lock in the shine and keep your windows cleaner for longer. This extra element of care is offered at no extra charge, elevating the Window Genie touch above that of its competitors.


Furthermore, Window Genie offers a Steak-Free Guarantee, trusting fully in the abilities of their cleaners so that they can guarantee a job well done every time.


Last but certainly not least, Window Genie offers loyal customers the Window Care Program, which lowers the standard price more with more frequent cleanings, knocking off up to 30% of the listed price. Window Genie believes in the power of a clean, healthy, happy home. Customers are rewarded for taking regular care of their biggest investment through discounts based on frequency of service.



Though prices vary from household to household, the Window Genie value never changes. Why waste your time and effort for a subpar result when Window Genie professionals can guarantee you a consistent high-quality clean year-round?

Pressure washing has quickly become one of the preferred methods of cleaning a variety of surfaces in both residential, commercial, and business locations. From sidewalks and patios to residential home exteriors, pressure washing is suitable in a number of different cleaning contexts. Pressure washing is an excellent way of maintaining or restoring the look of the home, with many realty agents recommending that potential sellers invest in a pressure wash as a way of boosting the curb appeal and listing price of their home. When used to treat concrete sidewalks, pressure washing is a quick, easy, and efficient way of removing all manner of dirt or salt deposits that contribute to surface weathering. If you are worried about having to invest time and energy replacing another stained deck, then pressure washing may be your answer, as it is one of the best ways to boost their longevity. Read on to learn about the many benefits of pressure washing!

Pressure washing is easy for everyone.

Conventional cleaning tasks typically require a lot of time, energy, and elbow grease. With pressure washing, there is no need to scrub and strain to unsettle stubborn debris. Save your back and joints the effort. Pressure washers let you maintain a strong upright posture and direct the force of the water towards unwelcome stains. The set-up required for a pressure washing treatment is also quite simple, involving about as many steps as it would require to find soap, sponges, and fill a bucket. Simply affix a water hose to the pressure washer unit, and either plug it in or add fuel to its power source to begin.

Pressure washing saves serious time.

Compared to regular cleaning methods, pressure-washing is an anti-bacteria blitzkrieg. When you invest in a professional pressure washing, you are cutting out the need to gather materials, prepare a cleaning solution of appropriate strength, and undergo a rigorous half-day or more of scrubbing. Pressure washing eliminates the need for time-consuming ladder work, allowing you to simply point the nozzle towards hard-to-reach areas.

Pressure washing keeps your family safe.

Your home houses more than family. On decks, exterior walls, and sidewalks you will find a number of unique contaminants, varying in severity from dirt to harmful mold. Pressure washing blasts these potentially harmful substances away, keeping your family breathing the purest air possible. Pressure washing away algae or other slippery substances also minimizes your family's risk of slips or falls at home. Furthermore, regular pressure washing treatments are considered part of an overall preventative maintenance effort that can keep your home safe and in-shape. Keeping your home clean hinders the premature decay of your porch, driveway, or deck, improving safety outcomes.

Pressure washing boosts curb appeal.

When realty agents are asked by motivated sellers how they can distinguish their homes from countless other listing competitors, they often reply that increasing curb value is an effort well-invested. Curb appeal allows your home to stand out from other home listings, and will draw in many more interested buyers when it comes time to host a viewing. Many of the actions taken to improve curb appeal can be completed faster and more thoroughly using a pressure washer. Boosting curb appeal is often done by shaping up the condition of the driveway and bordering sidewalks, or by cleaning unattractive mildew off of the home's exterior. Pressure washing can take care of all of these tasks in a breeze, preserving your time and energy for more pressing issues faced when entering in to an unruly realty market!

Pressure washing is easy on the environment.

Heavy-duty cleaning is commonly associated with the application of harmful chemical cleaners. These cleaning solutions can be very effective, but typically enact a heavy toll on the environment. Pressure washing does not introduce any harmful chemicals into the environment. Pressure washers work by blasting water at high velocity, and the power of this water stream is often sufficient to lift stains and mildew without the need for harmful chemicals.

Pressure washers also use less water when compared to the amount used by a garden hose tackling the same kind of job. The amount of force applied by pressure washers means that much less water will be needed overall, with some estimates suggesting that as much as 75% of water is saved using pressure washing. This is because a pressure washer expels water at roughly 50 times the force of a garden hose. This allows the smallest amount of water to be granted the greatest amount of cleaning power. 

If you would like to access the cleaning, cost, and environmentally-friendly benefits of the pressure washing practice, contact your local Window Genie today. With two decades of experience and a lengthy list of happy customers, Window Genie services will enchant you! 


Cleaning the gutters is a job that is often left as punishment for unruly teens, or else is procrastinated as long as possible. It isn't hard to imagine why this job is often the last people want assigned to them during chore rotations. Not only is this task going to eat up valuable hours on your days off with tough labor, but there is a very good chance that slimy water-degraded leaf matter is going to adorn your hands, forearms, and clothes by the time the job is done. There are no doubts about it – cleaning the gutters is a dirty job that few people like to do.

Still, it needs to be done. Clogged gutters can wreak havoc on the home. When blocked with moisture-laden leaf matter and other debris, your gutters will begin to corrode. Blocked gutters also mean blocked drainage, which puts your home at serious risk of experiencing water damage. In the drier seasons, gutter blockage becomes a serious fire hazard, as your roof is essentially crowned in a densely-packed ring of tinder. Furthermore, obstructed gutters make the perfect living environment for pests and mosquitoes.

Stop procrastinating! It is time to muster up the courage to clean those gutters. Before you do, though, Window Genie would like to offer you some great gutter cleaning tips to keep you safe and stress-free as you work. And don’t forget, if you need help, your local Genie is just a phone call away!

Practice ladder safety!

You can't clean your gutters without climbing up a ladder, but you should never step foot onto a ladder without a proper understanding of ladder safety.

First, it is important to always inform someone that you will be using a ladder to work on your gutters. This serves a number of safety functions. First, it guarantees that someone is aware of what you are up to, and can look out for you and check in on how you are doing periodically. Secondly, alerting those in the house or nearby will minimize the chances of being knocked off of your ladder by someone carelessly swinging a door open.

Make sure that you have a sturdy ladder that is up to code. It is helpful if you choose a ladder with a small shelf that can support a bucket filled with wet debris. Secure this waste bucket with a lanyard when possible. Wooden ladders are not recommended because of their poorer construction and tendency to wobble. Aluminum ladders are well-suited for longer jobs, where arm fatigue can accumulate, and the constant shifting of a heavy ladder in and out of position can exacerbate the issue.

Before you climb onto your ladder, inspect it thoroughly, and be sure that all of the extension-hinge arms are in proper position under full extension.

Get the right tools for the job!

One of the most valuable tools for a gutter-cleaning job is a gutter scoop. These plastic scooping implements can be purchased at almost any hardware store. The few dollars you invest in this tool will save you a lot of effort. These tools use a thin plastic scooping edge that conforms to the mold of the gutter, allowing you to scrape up even the most stubborn of rain-washed debris. Conversely, metal scooping tools should be avoided where possible. These can potentially damage your gutters, scratching or bending the pliable metal frames under heavy elbow-grease action. Any scratches will soon rust over, increasing the wear and tear on your gutters.

You should also consider getting a high-power garden hose for hard-to-reach areas, or if you are struggling with the physical demands of the job. A garden hose strapped with a pistol-grip trigger spray nozzle can do some serious damage to water-logged debris, without putting your gutters or joints at risk.

This job will require a proper set of work gloves as well. These will keep your hands clear of dirt and bacteria-laden debris, while also protecting you from cuts anywhere the thin metal gutter frame has acquired a sharp edge. Thick suede gloves are recommended because they will not be at risk of absorbing bacteria-filled water like cotton, or tearing like rubber.

The final piece of safety equipment required for this job is a good pair of eye protection. This becomes especially important when you have to apply a bit of extra muscle to get the job done, and the bits and pieces of debris start flying. More than a tissue damage hazard, this debris is often contaminated with pest feces that can cause serious eye infections to occur. Exercise caution and equip yourself with a good pair of safety glasses.

What a hassle! 

Gutter cleaning really is one of the more unsavory chore options that a home-owner can get stuck with. Gutter cleaning is a time-consuming, energy-demanding, damp-and-dirty job that can be dangerous if rushed through without the proper tools. Fortunately, Window Genie is standing by to grant all of your chore-trimming wishes, and can have your gutters sparkling in no time! Contact us today to save yourself the time and trouble of a tough gutter cleaning task.


There are thousands of window cleaning, tinting, and pressure washing companies sprinkled throughout the United States. There is likely very little incentive for industry newcomers to pursue a career in window cleaning service simply because of the market’s current saturation. With so many competitors active out there, many prospective clients may be wondering exactly how industry leaders have been able to distinguish themselves from the crowd. This question is further complicated by the perceived similarity of the services offered by the numerous window cleaners out there. If they are all simply cleaning windows, how can one be better than the other? Competitors are lugging the same pressure-washers in their trucks, and wielding the same squeegees after all. So what makes Window Genie a nationally-ranked window cleaning company?

1.      Innovative mobile marketing strategy to help leave a lasting impression.

The Window Genie brand has distinguished itself from competitors in a number of ways. Beyond their provision of high-quality cleaning, tinting, and pressure-washing home maintenance, Window Genie has gone the extra mile with the creation of the “GenieMobiles,” a mobile-marketing approach that has allowed the brand to nestle into the hearts and minds of mothers and children across the country.

A “GenieMobile” is a logo-wrapped vehicle. These GenieMobiles can be any make or model of vehicle, as different wrap styles and sizes exist to suit different automotive shapes. Rik Nonelle, the founder and CEO of Window Genie, highlights how the GenieMobiles allowed the company to evolve past a static, one-dimensional advertising style, so that a fun and dynamic approach could be used to draw attention and benefit franchisees with ample customer interest.

The GenieMobile logo was illustrated by a former Disney illustrator. The animated genie character is featured in three different action poses to give him a sense of life, vibrancy, and movement. This cartoon genie appeals instantly to children, an effect that was entirely intentional as Window Genie owners found that over 90% of their customer base was comprised of stay-at-home mothers. Appealing to their children allowed Window Genie franchises to resonate with mothers who had yet to realize the quality of service being offered.

The logic behind the creation of a fleet of GenieMobiles is rock-solid. Window Genie is a premier provider of window cleaning, pressure washing, and window tinting services, but even top-tier services can be forgotten or lost in the shuffle. With the GenieMobile approach, Nonelle has ensured that franchisees are given the best chance to make a lasting impression. Consider the impact of an unmarked pick-up driving through a neighborhood, and compare that to the impact a rich purple vehicle emblazoned with lightning streaks and a whimsical Genie will have.

2.      A sincere care for our customers.

Window Genie experts have confidence in their skills and cleaning abilities. There is no doubt in our minds that the customer will be left satisfied after a day’s work. Part of the reason that Window Genie experts make such an investment in their skill development is that they care about customer satisfaction. Being a Window Genie franchisee is about showing love for the customer. Just like the company’s branding, marketing, and GenieMobiles set them apart from the competition, their approach to customers is similarly designed to boost customer satisfaction.

Window Genie franchise owners do everything in their power to satisfy the customer within reason. Even if the customer may be mistaken, Window Genie experts will not stop until they are satisfied. The motivation behind this approach is twofold; first, we hold hard work and positive customer experiences up as two of our most valued core ethics, and second, because a satisfied customer is more likely to repeat business! Every tier of our franchisee system from hiring to training is calibrated to encourage the development of these qualities.

3.      The best training and hiring practices out there.

Window Genie training has produced some of the best window cleaning, pressure washing, and window tinting service providers in the market today. The quality of work they have delivered has been instrumental in the spread of the Window Genie reputation, and their candidacy as a nationally-ranked company. Because of their confidence in the training process, Window Genie hires are chosen primarily based on their attitudes. Skills can be taught, but a winning personality is a highly valued commodity among service providers!

Window Genie also goes the extra mile during hiring to protect customer safety. Window Genie is a rare professional window cleaning company that does background checks on all employees. Window Genie also mandates that all employees wear photo ID, which can be cross-referenced with a picture of the service provider e-mailed to the customer upon booking for extra security.


If you are in need of window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, or gutter cleaning, why not contact one of the nation’s premier providers? Window Genie experts are standing by today to grant you your cleaning wishes. 

Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to understand and appreciate the value of a quality window tint. Window tint offers a number of benefits to the property owner, contributing to energy savings, more stable home temperatures, and the increased longevity of furniture, carpeting, and wood exposed to sunlight. With so many people taking interest in window tinting, manufacturers and installation experts have been enjoying a steady increase in business, and the industry’s vibrancy has encouraged a number of new faces to open up shop to take part. Aside from the Window Genie tinting experts, there are many window tint installers in business today. Some customers may feel overwhelmed by the variety they have to choose from, or be unfamiliar with how best to distinguish the good from the bad. No matter how good your materials may be, finding a qualified installer is one of the most important steps needed for a high-quality tint job. We at Window Genie are committed to customer satisfaction, and would like to offer some industry-insider advice on the matter. Read on to learn four important considerations that you may want to make when seeking a professional window tinting installation service provider.

1.      How long have they been active in the area? What other locations do they have?

One surefire way to identify a quality tint installation is to locate a business that has been thriving in a certain location for a number of years despite the presence of quality competition. A tint installer of the requisite quality will have been able to sustain their business amongst stiff competition because of their provision of high-quality service at affordable prices. Window Genie experts have had over 20 years of high-level experience in the tint installation industry, and represent an ideal service provider in this scenario. Pricing should be a secondary concern over the quality of service provided, though you certainly shouldn’t settle when you feel you are being overcharged. Still, the message here is that you should not dismiss a window tint installation expert if they are priced slightly higher than newer competitors. Weigh the company’s history against their pricing to learn the true value of the service. Furthermore, companies that have been around longer will probably still be in business in a few years should you ever need to follow up on the warranties.

It is also very important to get an idea of how many other locations exist under the same name. By trusting a larger national or even global brand with multiple locations, you eliminate the risk of having to deal with a fly-by-night operator or other low-quality service provider. Window Genie has locations across America, and an archive of position reviews that you can access online to diminish any doubts.

2.      What kinds of different products do they use? Do they offer a warranty?

Industry-leading tint installers will typically deal with a number of different window tint suppliers, and will therefore be working with a full range of products and films. A quality tint installer will have access to a number of different films in a variety of colors and styles. If the service provider is pushing one or two particular kinds of film, it is likely that they are trying to unload old, cheap, or defective stock onto you, or are a new and inexperienced company.

When inquiring about warranties, be polite but press firmly until you have a complete understanding of all of the terms and conditions. Window Genie offers a lifetime warranty on residential installations and a 10-year warranty on commercial installations, protecting against bubbling, delaminating, peeling, or any instances of cracking. A quality tint installer will offer you a warranty, and those who don’t are indicating that they have low confidence in their work and ability.

3.      Are there samples of their work available to me?

A great salesperson is capable of talking a customer into almost anything. Don’t let the company’s pitch sell you on their service. Instead, inquire about where you can find some samples, reviews, or testimonials from satisfied customers. A company with a number of years in business despite stiff competition, a wide array of products offered, a strong warranty, and a number of thriving locations will undoubtedly have access to some samples, testimonials, or reviews. Good service gets people talking, and no buzz means there’s nothing to buzz about!

Window Genie passes the test.

Window Genie is a nationally-ranked service provider, with decades of experience and an archive of glowing testimonials. If you are concerned about the reputation of your current window tint, pressure washing, or gutter cleaning service provider, visit the Window Genie website today to acquire a quote!