Window Genie's "window cleaning authority" status is something we've been working to establish for 20 years; our goal is to always deliver exceptional quality work and customer service. Our franchise training program is top-notch, equipping all of our workers with outstanding squeegee and customer service skills. We’re insured, bonded, uniformed and run background checks on all employees to ensure customer safety and peace of mind. The steps we take to create an exceptional customer experience is what ranks us above many window cleaning start-up businesses that will offer you a sub-par clean for a TOO low price. Our 3-step cleaning process adds an extra glass-scrubbing step to help dislodge built up sap, mold spores or bird droppings that won't falter in the face of conventional cleaning methods.

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When you are shopping around for a window cleaning company, it is so important to have a strong criteria for evaluation. You need to consider many different factors if you want to make the best choice. Professional window cleaning services should be fast, efficient, affordable, hassle-free and should leave your windows with a stunning clean.


Some people make the mistake of gravitating towards the lowest price. This is a huge mistake. Clichéd to the point of being painful, you’ll have to forgive our mention of the old saying, “you get what you pay for.”


It simply isn’t possible to sustain a business at the rate offered by some start-up companies. So long as the business owner is not being greedy, window cleaning prices are relatively easy to understand. The cost of high-quality materials, training, and legal coverage are all reflected in the window cleaning prices that you see the service offered for, and you can gauge a company’s professionalism often by where they fall on this functionalist price scale.


Here we go again with the clichés… but if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If a window cleaning company is advertising an unbelievably low price, there is a very good chance that there are some shortcuts being taken. Expect to see worn-out tools, cheap ammonia-filled chemical cleaners and rusty ladders on their unmarked service trucks driven by possibly uninsured technicians who haven’t completed a background check. Read on to learn more reasons why low-cost cleaning services may not offer you the best value in the long run.


Poor employee training puts you at risk.


One common area that a low-ball window cleaning company will cut costs on is training expenses. Everybody has cleaned a window in their life, (with mixed results) so amateur window cleaning companies send out untrained individuals to lean ladders on your home or navigate its interior. As anyone who has wielded a squeegee will tell you, there is some finesse involved to ensure a high-quality, streak-free clean... in a timely manner! Proper chemical handling is crucial if you want to avoid spills in your home. Furthermore, ladder work is a very high-stakes task to undertake without adequate training, since any error or misjudgment could mean serious injury or damage done to your home.


Don’t spend your money on a subpar clean! Window Genie’s 3-step cleaning process applies high-level training, high-quality cleaning products, and the best tools of the trade to keep you safe and leave you satisfied with your professional window cleaning.


No insurance coverage can cost you big money.


Some companies intentionally avoid commercial liability coverage and workman’s compensation to keep their company costs low. This is one way that amateur companies are able to offer low window cleaning prices. The aforementioned lack of high-level training makes this an even scarier proposition, making you much more likely to witness a fall or experience damage done to your property.


An amateur window cleaning company without insurance puts you at risk of being ruined by both sides of the legal process. First, you are more likely to be sued by a poorly trained pseudo-professional who just hurt himself, likely by his own doing. Maybe he set up his ladder on uneven ground, or is working alone on a two-man job to save the company money. Whatever the case, he is hurt, and now may pursue legal action against you for some bogus unsafe conditions claim. This happens with some fly-by-night companies, or is pursued by desperate employees whose parent company won’t help them with medical bills.


Secondly, if their unprofessional conduct gets your property damaged, you will not be able to get your money. Suing them may not make for a difficult case, but for what is likely a low-earning amateur company, getting your money out of them will be like trying to bleed a stone.


Don’t take the risk. Window Genie is fully insured. Window Genie franchises offer an affordable professional window clean using their industry-leading 3-step process. Our crews are highly-trained and staffed by upstanding citizens who have been screened, passed background checks, and will arrive in signature royal-purple GenieMobiles for easy identification. Window Genie eliminates all worry, and grants your window cleaning wishes fast.


 Spring is here!

Unfortunately, spring cleaning to-do lists mean much more than simply a few days spent sweating when all you want to do is enjoy the warm weather. Many home owners lack the tools and skills needed to get their home up to snuff after a heavy winter, and others simply don’t have the time. Before you run out and blow your family savings on new ladders, gloves, and equipment rental fees, consider having the Window Genie team grant your spring cleaning wishes. Window Genie is offering some incredible time and money-saving services that home owners will not want to miss when the spring rolls around. Don’t risk damaging your home or wasting away your free time; contact Window Genie cleaning and home maintenance professionals for a quick, high-quality, and fully insured clean that will free up your time for fun, or to tackle more personal indoor organizing duties!

Wish for a world-class window washing.

Window Genie window cleaning elevates the industry standard and will have your home glimmering from every glass surface in no time. Window Genie offers both interior and exterior window cleaning at no risk to you, with each Window Genie worker being specially trained to keep your home safe from the inside out. All cleaning products are home-safe, biodegradable and do not contain any ammonia that would put your furniture, flooring, pets or family at risk. Our 3-step window cleaning process outperforms any service you will find in the industry.

Consider the wisdom (or lack thereof) involved in buying your own ladder, squeegee, and cleaning solutions to waste a day on a tough and imperfect clean. Instead, put that money towards a stunning professional window cleaning and direct your energy elsewhere. It is spring cleaning, after all – there is plenty to keep you busy!

Don’t forget to ask about our Window Care program; we want to reward customers for keeping their homes clean year round! We offer discounts based on frequency of service… so call your local Genie and set up a recurring window cleaning schedule for significant savings.

Wish for a professional pressure wash.

The thawing snow may have left some mildew or algae on your home’s siding, and salt can wreak havoc on a concrete driveway, sidewalk, or garage floor. Of course, your deck has taken a pounding all winter holding up heavy snow fall. All three of these problems can be solved with a Window Genie pressure wash, which not only leaves a sterling clean but also increases material longevity. Pressure washing is fast, affordable, and effective.

Home owners thinking of renting equipment to do it themselves should be advised: amateur use of a pressure washer not only puts you at risk, but can seriously damage your deck surfaces and home siding. Using the wrong tools or water pressure can strip paint and damage wood surfaces. Save the time and effort of a rental, transport, dangerous learning curve, and return process. Make one call to Window Genie today, and we will grant your professional pressure washing wishes! Most home owners are surprised when they complete their free estimate, with the cost typically being much less than your rental, gas, and lost work day.

Don't forget about your gutters!

April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring a world of trouble if your gutters are clogged. Prepare for spring with a professional gutter cleaning. Some of the top reasons you should have your gutters cleaned out ASAP are:

·         Gutters are one of the most overlooked aspects of home maintenance. It's easy to forget a part of your home you cannot easily see or access. Problems arise silently and you're usually unaware until it's too late! Yikes! ·         Water cannot properly flow from a clogged gutter. Stagnant water is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Birds and mice are also known to make themselves at home in a clogged gutter! ·         Water that cannot drain properly WILL find a way out of the gutter eventually. This usually means the water seeps into your roof, siding, fascia board or foundation. Over time this causes significant damage including excessive mold, cracking, rusting and rotting. ·         A rotten house is not a happy house! Your gutters will begin to distance themselves... literally! Gutters are typically installed with a nail. Over time, weather causes this nail to expand and contract. The hole the nail rests in has now expanded. When the nail contracts again, it comes loose and slips out, bringing the gutter with it. The gutter could break free from the roof taking siding, paint, shingles or landscaping down with it. ·       Cleaning your own gutters is DANGEROUS! According to the National Safety Council, falls are the #1 cause of accidental death and injury at home.Falls cause over 6,500 deaths each year and over TWO MILLION hospital-related injuries every year.

And check out our spring cleaning checklist!


Many people fail to realize just how dirty their home's exterior is until it has been treated to a pressure wash by Window Genie professionals. In fact, many people do not even know that a pressure washer can be used to clean their home.


Home owners who have seen or felt a pressure washer in action know that this powerful piece of equipment is capable of stripping wood from a deck, and consequently may not feel it is appropriate to point at their walls. This is an understandable reaction considering that the home is typically a family's greatest investment, and mold concerns have heightened in recent years. It is true that inexperienced handlers can damage their home using a pressure washer, but highly-trained Window Genie service technicians are capable of giving your vinyl, stucco or painted wood siding a deep clean without the collateral damage.


How does the home accumulate dirt?


When exposed to the elements for extended periods of time, dirt naturally accumulates on your home's siding. Blowing winds kick up gusts of dirt and debris that will envelope your house. Similarly, harsh rainfall will wash your home in dirt, salts and other pollutants throughout the fall. Dirty slush, berries, saps and the waste of bugs and animals will also gradually build up over time, leaving deceptive stain age that seriously impacts your home's curb appeal and longevity.


Why choose Window Genie?


Window Genie has been helping homeowners keep their siding looking its best for over two decades. During this time, Window Genie franchises have been recognized by Entrepreneur magazine, Money Magazine, USA Today, and Franchise Business Review, consistently ranking highly in their customer service, business growth and franchisee satisfaction categories over the years.  This growth has been possible due to Window Genie's industry-leading training and consistently positive customer experiences. For house pressure washing, this means that Window Genie experts get the job done fast, safely, affordably and without damaging either the home or the environment. Window Genie has fine-tuned the house pressure washing process over its 20 year tenure by using the appropriate pressure for each individual surface and home-safe cleaning products that will not damage your home or surrounding landscaping.


Why struggle with research, equipment rentals, self-teaching, trial and error, hard work and risk, when you can schedule an annual or bi-annual cleaning with Window Genie? Being proactive and signing up for multiple services a year means that you will be given discounts when ordering a number of related home maintenance services, including gutter, asphalt, window and concrete cleaning.


How to prepare your home for the best possible house pressure washing.


Window Genie professionals will remind you of the proper steps needed to eliminate the risk of damaging the home before they begin their cleaning, but it is useful to review them here so that you can take the initiative preparing your home for the best possible results.


    Locate all of the power outlets at the exterior of your home and take note of them for safety reasons.

    Close all of your windows and fill in any small ventilation holes with rolled up paper or a piece of putty that can be easily removed afterwards. This will stop any water from entering the home during your cleaning.

    Remove your shutters if possible. This will allow your Window Genie to have the best chance of clearing out spiders and wasps which commonly cluster in these hard-to-reach areas.

    Take note of all lighting fixtures and mailboxes so that the Window Genie worker can switch to low-pressure options, or avoid these vulnerable fixtures entirely when pressure washing the house.


Window Genie pressure washing technicians have been helping home owners boost their curb appeal for 20 years and are standing by to provide America‘s homeowners with a high-quality clean.

Though frequently overlooked or avoided, gutter cleaning should be prioritized in your home maintenance regimen. Cluttered gutters are responsible for most people's water leakage, mold and cracked foundation issues. This costs homeowners across America thousands of dollars each year despite the fact that they are easily preventable through regular gutter cleaning and repair.


The problem is that gutter cleaning and repair work is dangerous, labor-intensive and time-consuming, especially when done improperly. Furthermore, anybody in the family with a fear of heights or issues with balance should immediately excuse themselves from this chore.


If you are like the thousands of people across America who understand the need for clean gutters but can't seem to find the time or energy while balancing your career, family, fitness and finances, know that Window Genie can grant your wish! Window Genie offers scheduled gutters cleaning service programs with year-round customer care discounts, guarding your home from bug-spawns, rotten wood, slippery sidewalks and washed out landscaping caused by clogged gutters.

Looking at the devoted DIYers of the world, we know that not everyone is interested in a year-round cleaning program. Some customers have simply let their gutters go for a few months, and want to call in the GenieMobile to save them a Saturday and take down a super-sized cleaning task.


For those looking to do some gutter cleaning of their own, or to have an idea of standard practice to compare their current handyman to, the Window Genie experts have assembled some basic guidelines and safety tips for you. Read on to learn some great tips for cleaning and repairing gutters.


Safety First


We repeat... SAFETY FIRST! One of the main reasons that regular gutter cleaning is neglected by home owners is that it can be a scary job. Spending hours up on a ladder that is often sitting on uneven ground can be daunting. If you are uncomfortable with heights or consider yourself unskilled or unpracticed on a ladder, then this job is not meant for you. If this is the case, call your local Window Genie and cross something else off of your to-do list instead.


Make sure that you have a good pair of work gloves at the ready. You will be handling clumps of dirt, leaves, sticks, and pest residue that can pose a risk to your hands. Don't risk getting cut in a damp and dirty environment that is usually filled with rust and animal waste. 


Always work from the ladder, rather than climbing onto the roof and leaning in the direction of your gutter, which puts you at risk of falling. Make sure to watch out for any unexpected hazards like low-hanging electrical lines or hidden bee's nests.


Fix It on the Go


 Try to limit your total time spent on the ladder. Don't bother making two separate trips to repair and clean your gutters. As you work through your cleaning routine, look out for any loose gutter sections and tighten them as you see them. Keep a supply of long lag bolts handy, either in a secured bag or held by an assistant. There is no better time to start your repairs than when you clean your gutters. When cleaning your gutters you get a close look at their condition and are also preparing a workspace if any repairs are needed.


Test Your Work


As you work through your cleaning effort, make sure to test your handiwork as you go. Open gutters are easy enough to evaluate, but spouts may require some extra attention. Spray a jet of water down the spouts to make sure that it is clear. If you have not cleaned it well enough, the spout will be clogged, and water will visibly back up and pool at the top. This tells you it is time to try again, or to give Window Genie a call or request a free estimate.

It is rare to find a homeowner who consistently makes the time to clean their windows themselves. Hazardous, hard to do and quite a headache when tackled on your own, most homeowners instead opt to make a small and worthwhile investment in professional window cleaning services. Though they may have to deal with a fee up front, the amount of time, energy and cleaning supply cost that is saved typically makes the charge well worth it.

Because of people's general disinterest in braving the heights and hassles of doing it themselves, professional window cleaning services have become very popular. Everywhere you look, it seems that you can spot a new company offering window cleaning services. Since there is no specialized degree or expensive equipment required, many inexperienced entrepreneurs will venture into the window cleaning business, able to easily train and outfit a workforce to start recruiting clients. For this reason, there are many considerable differences in quality that will be seen in the professional window cleaning industry. Invisible to many, a definitive pecking-order exists in the window cleaning industry, with the established experts being distinguishable from inexperienced newcomers with a well-trained eye. Window Genie experts have assembled some useful tips to help you when looking for quality window cleaning service providers. Read on to learn what to look for when considering your professional window cleaning services.

Make sure that the company is insured and equipped with liability insurance.

While researching professional window cleaning companies you should always make sure that they are properly insured, registered and caught up on the proper documentation. Some unprofessional companies could put you at risk of being sued as liable if they happen to fall and have any accidents while working on your home. Window Genie workers are fully licensed and insured and will happily present their hard-earned certifications when questioned by clients. For over two decades, Window Genie professional window cleaners have been delivering high-quality results without incident to homeowners across America. Window Genie workers are well-trained and drive GenieMobiles filled with the most up to date equipment available, making them the best choice to ensure safety and customer satisfaction.

Make sure that the company is experienced.

Try to research your chosen company's experience. Window cleaning has been in demand for years, and will continue to be, especially as window tints allow home owners to increase the number of windows in their home without losing heat and energy efficiency. With professional window cleaning having been in demand for so long, there is really little reason to opt for a brand new company that has yet to be tested by customer reviews and industry ups and downs. Ideally, you want to choose a company that has been able to thrive in a competitive climate. This indicates that this company will be able to deliver great results capable of keeping their business afloat despite the presence of competitors.

Window Genie franchises have been thriving for over two decades. Over the years, Window Genie has been honored by a number of awards and recognition from Entrepreneur magazine, Money Magazine, Franchise Business Review and USA Today. A testament to their continued quality and customer satisfaction, they have consistently ranked well in reviews of the country's top franchises, fast-growing businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities. This kind of publicity and professional acknowledgement is what you should look for when vetting potential professional window cleaning companies.

Make sure that the price is appropriate.

Window Genie represents one of the window cleaning industry's premier service providers, and at a very reasonable cost. Get your free quote today and find out why thousands of Americans choose Window Genie to grant their cleaning wishes. If you do not have a Window Genie franchise in your area, you can at least hold your local providers to this high standard to find the best men and women near you for the job!

The popularity of window film in both residential and business properties across America has sky-rocketed in recent years. Home and business owners alike are taking notice of the style, safety and energy-efficiency benefits offered by window film installations and Window Genie franchises across the country are being swarmed by customers requesting quotes. If you are considering a window film for your home or business, but aren't sure how to factor it into your current budget, then read on to learn about the cost of home window tints. You may be pleasantly surprised.


Seeking a quote.


The first step you should take when looking to incorporate a window tint installation into your budget is to request a free quote from Window Genie. There is no universal installation price, because there is no universal home layout, and your price will vary depending on the size, accessibility and number of windows in your home or business. Furthermore, pricing may vary depending on the kind of tint you desire, with decorative films being priced differently than conventional tinting. Thus, the best thing a home or business owner can do is to request a free quote. This is done very easily online. Simply follow this link, and input your relevant home information, making sure to specify the services you would like to schedule. Options for window cleaning, tinting, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning are displayed, and you can select one or all of these with the click of your mouse.


Evaluate the situation – can I do this myself?


Many proud DIYers have been guilty of underestimating the skill and expertise involved in a window film installation. The reality of the job is a tricky one. For one, the quality of store-bought window film that is available to the general public will never meet the quality of film available through professional installers. Most home-owners are ignorant to the variety of types of window film, what benefits they provide and what their particular home really needs. Also, you will need to give yourself the best possible working conditions, cleaning and scraping your windows down to provide a perfect surface. You will also need to account for weather conditions, as extreme temperature can interfere with the installation process. Once prepped, you will need to wet your windows with a special solution that requires a balanced ratio of chemicals. Before you can tackle any of this tiresome preparation, though, you will need to research, track down, measure, and order your window film, making sure to request the proper fit. Once you have assembled your materials and prepped your window, the real problems start. Window film is notoriously difficult to handle, with creases and folds forming easily, leaving home and business owners frustrated, dissatisfied, and with a little less money in their pockets at the end of their long day.


The reality is that the costs home and business owners hope to save by doing the job themselves are often not worth the effort. Window Genie provides a guaranteed high-quality window film installation, and takes the hassle out of your life by circumventing the research and ordering process entirely. By contrast, many DIYers will find themselves having to buy extra materials after making first-timer mistakes, or being unable to buy in small quantities. The self-service job will probably be of poorer quality, which means it will last a much shorter amount of time, and provide less energy-saving efficiency for your home as heat and cold invade the creases and folds you left behind. Ultimately, installing film on your own is not worth it because professionally installed, high-quality window film DOES pay for itself over time through reducing utility bills.


Profit from a professional window film installation.


Investing in a Window Genie film installation means a  job well done, and that home and business owners can fully enjoy the benefits of their tint. The costs you may need to invest up front with your Window Genie installation will quickly pay themselves back, and even earn you money over the long run. Consider that Window Genie installations offer the homeowner an 80% reduction in solar energy, much lower utility bills, an end to hot and cold spots in the home and up to 99.9% UV protection for expensive furniture and precious family members alike. The value of a job well done is obvious to see. Contact Window Genie today to learn how much your window tint will cost, and have all of your window film wishes granted today!


Gutter cleaning is one of the least desirable chores that can be doled in the family rotation. There is a reason we have a bad association with gutter-balls in bowling, and avoid feeling "down in the gutters;" gutters are inherently dirty, filled with decaying leaves and pest-debris and are a nightmare to clean. A day spent cleaning the gutters is sure to be filled with labor-intensive ladder-shuffling, a near-slip or two and enough grime to keep you wrist-deep in filth for hours. As unpleasant as the job may be, somebody's got to do it – after all, neglecting your gutters puts your home at risk of basement flooding, cracked foundations, increased insect breeding, and rotten wooden decks or siding.


Many homeowners have recognized the value of professional gutter cleaning. A small investment in Window Genie gutter cleaning means a fast clean that is guaranteed to keep their home in good condition without costing them a day of back-breaking labor and frustration. With professional gutter cleaning surging in demand, a number of new businesses have sprung up looking to take advantage of this trend. Homeowners should proceed with caution, and take steps to ensure that they are getting the best possible service. Before committing your capital to a professional gutter cleaning service, the following factors should be considered:


Is this company licensed and insured?


Whether or not your chosen company has acquired the proper license and insurance to handle gutter cleaning work is one of the most important factors to consider when looking to hire on help. Holding these forms of documentation ensures that your chosen company has been trained and certified in the service you are paying them for and that they are able to perform at a high industry standard. Some states even require home improvement licensing along with general liability insurances and business licensing. Without these documents in place, illegitimate companies can put you at risk in the event of any injuries that may occur while cleaning your gutters. The last thing you want when trying to save yourself the trouble of a gutter clean is to take on bigger problems when your unlicensed cleaner hurts himself and tries to sue you to cover their medical bills.


Window Genie has been providing quality gutter cleaning for over 20 years. Window Genie gutter cleaning crews carry all of the required licenses and documentation at all times. This gives customers peace of mind so that they can be stress-free in knowing that their guaranteed clean is also guaranteed to be problem-free. Window Genie crews will gladly display any information about licensing and liability insurance coverage to customers who request to see this documentation.

Does this company have the training, experience and equipment they need to do the job right?

Gutter cleaning may not require a large assortment of equipment, but it does require the proper equipment. Make sure the company you choose has two-story stand-off ladders, industry-appropriate cleaning materials and safety equipment that is up to code at the bare minimum. This will ensure a proper clean and that no liability issues will arise during the course of your cleaning appointment. Take note of any company that offers pressure-washing or leaf-blower gutter cleanings and avoid these where possible. Window Genie offers pressure washing services, but restrict their use to tough stains set into fences, decks, and home siding; this equipment is not appropriate for gutter cleaning and can damage your home.

Window Genie experts arrive at the scene with their Genie Mobiles fully-equipped with the appropriate equipment. More importantly, they come equipped with decades of knowledge and experience. Gutters are unique, having been designed to custom-fit your home, and it takes a skilled worker to navigate these ever-changing conditions. Inexperienced companies may struggle with corners, long slopes, and unique architectural downspouts. Window Genie experts guarantee a safe, fast and efficient clean that will keep the environment safe and your gutters flowing freely.

In our 20-plus year tenure as industry-leading residential window and home-cleaning service providers, Window Genie experts have seen the benefits of commercial pressure washing on display time and time again. From mold and dirt-ridden decks to unreachable home siding, pressure washers have taken down some of the biggest messes in the smallest amount of time, and revitalized customers' homes across America. Many people have seen pressure washers in action or heard about their potency but have not yet invested in a professional clean. Many homeowners convince themselves that renting a washer and committing their weekend to a self-clean would be easier and cheaper; that is most definitely incorrect. Window Genie is one of the premiere pressure washing companies in the country, and would like to share with readers the top 5 benefits of hiring a professional pressure washing company.


Window Genie grants you access to the latest equipment.


Whether you dust off your old unit or rent one from the local rent-all shop, the chances are that whatever kind of pressure washer you can get your hands on will not be on par with that used by one of America's leading professional pressure washing companies. Window Genie is in a constant state of growth with a focus on continued improvement... and this means that equipment is continually updated. Constant updates are in the company's best interest as it keeps cleaning times down and customers happy. Put the Genie to work for you, don't make a tough job even tougher by trying to resurrect an old piece of equipment you’re not trained to use properly.


Window Genie experts can give you a clean without the collateral damage.


Pressure washers are powerful pieces of equipment that respond poorly to inexperienced handling. The art of pressure washing takes time to master. Too much pressure aimed poorly can completely ravage the surfaces of your deck, fence or home siding. When improperly used without the know-how of a commercial pressure washing company employee, you can actually strip away layers of your home, causing permanent damage and making it vulnerable to further weathering. Window Genie experts are highly-trained and fully familiar with their equipment and can strip mold, mildew, dirt, and debris from your home surfaces without causing any collateral damage in the process.


Window Genie experts guarantee a great clean.


Window Genie can clean your deck, fences, gutters, home siding, and more with a guarantee of great service. Window Genie experts are committed to customer satisfaction and will not leave until the job has been done up to their franchise standards. Customers investing in a Window Genie clean know that they are getting exactly what they paid for. By contrast, those paying for pressure washer rental fees are absorbing a cost without any assurance that their home will be cleaned properly while also incurring no damages.


Window Genie professional pressure washing keeps environmental damage to a minimum.


Pressure washing can be very wasteful and harmful to the immediate environment. Careless washing can drive toxins and pollutants into nearby water sources. With their up-to-date pressure washing equipment and skilled hands, Window Genie experts ensure that all of their pressure washing jobs leave no impact on the environment. Making use of equipment and techniques to capture run-off, and opting for more environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, Window Genie works under EPA regulations to keep the world as clean as your home siding.


Window Genie saves you time and energy.


Pressure washing is really not as simple as it seems when approached by someone lacking in experience and equipment. Indeed, Window Genie has been able to succeed as a leading power washing company because the service is in high demand as homeowners look for fast and easy solutions to their soiled siding situations. Window Genie brings over two decades of experience to the job alongside the most modern equipment and offers customers a guaranteed clean. Don't roll the dice with rental service equipment and first-timer's luck; call Window Genie to have your pressure washing wishes granted.